Kadaga to Defected former Deputy Lord Mayor: You have a lot on your desk

Former Deputy Lord Mayor Sarah Kanyike who has been introduced to Parliament as the Minister of State for Gender in charge of the elderly and disabled has been reminded to focus on the excessive baggage on her desk while following the Parliamentary rules of procedure while executing duties.

This has been echoed by the speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga, in her message to Ms Kanyike welcoming her to the August house.

“Welcome to Parliament Hon. Sarah Kanyike and congratulations on your appointment as the State Minister for the Elderly and Disabled. The docket has been empty, so you have a lot on your table. The Constitution and the Rules of Procedure of Parliament will guide you in your day to day work.”

Kanyike was appointed to the position in July this year shortly after being appointed as KCCA Director for Community Based Services. Prior, Kanyike was the Deputy Lord Mayor for Kampala.

Upon being appointed by the President, her boss Erias Lukwago replaced her with Doreen Nyanjura, the Makerere University councilor.

The Ministry of Gender in charge of the elderly and the disabled has since the recent reshuffle remained vacant. Now Kadaga says, many of the people categories such as the elderly and the disabled have remained unable to have their challenges resolved due to the lack of a leader.

Kanyike promised to resolve all matters concerning the elderly and disabled while following the constitution and the governing laws.


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