Fishermen gratified by Museveni’s Support to FPU

Fishermen have commended President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for expressing support to the Commander Fisheries Protection Unit Lt Col Mercy Tukahirwa.

Tuhakirwa had on February 15th, 2024 reported to the Head of State regarding a “Holy War” she (Tuhakirwa) had with corrupt traders who were importing immature fish and the said officials were obstructing her efforts to cub the vice.

However, the President in a response dated May 6th this year indicated that Tuhakirwa had stood firm and, eventually, proving, through inspection of some samples that she (Tuhakirwa) is right.

“The trucks at both Pakwach and Elegu, were carrying immature fish. Keep up the good work. The exporters of immature fish are enemies of Africa whether they know it or not. How can you undermine your country?” Museveni praised Tuhakirwa.

Now, several fishermen from across the different areas living on Lake Victoria have thanked President Museveni for the continued trust in Lt. Col. Mercy Tukahirwa and the Fisheries Protection Unit in saving Lake Victoria.

Let by Muhammad Mukasa, a fisherman at Ssenyondo Landing Site in Mpigi District, the fishermen said, they are currently struggling with the Association of Fishers and Lake Users of Uganda who have for long been hoodwinking FPU during operations.

“Those guys at AFALU are the biggest problem to FPU operations sabotaging work done while offering wrong information. We are glad the President has full confidence in a selfless officer like Afande Martha (Tuhakirwa),” Mukasa said.

AFALU has since 2017 been working with FPU in Fisheries operations. However fishermen have always been accusing AFALU for offering wrong information to FPU operations with intrigue.

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