Poor parenting leading to lawlessness in Girls

By Moses Sentamu

The Director Handpicked children Uganda, Ms Stella kyobe Nabatanzi has said continued poor parenting has led to an increase lawlessness among young girls which has contributed to an increase early pregnancy among girls.

“There is a danger that manifests it’s self in children who are poorly parented, when a child is not instilled with discipline as they grow up, their behavior and interpersonal relations are affected since their growth is not fostered in a healthy way” she said.

Ms Nabatanzi said through the Community based Organisation (CBO), young mothers are equipped with parenting and vocational skills which help them financial empowerment in order to take of their families.

“Parents, especially mothers are important in fostering healthy growth in their children’s upbringing, passing on life skills among other services to teenage mothers helps them instill discipline in their young ones as they grow up and restore hope among themselves” she said.

Nabatanzi said lack of knowledge on parenting has greatly contributed to early pregnancies among girls in areas of Lweza along Entebbe road.

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