UPDF marines scale up night operations on Lake Victoria to reduce piracy

The Uganda People’s Defense Force Marines unit will scale up operation on Lake Victoria every night. This is part of the Fisheries Protection Unit recommendations on how to reduce theft on Lake Victoria.

Fishermen have since March 2021 reported an increase in the number of people facing armed robbers on the lake, stealing several of their expensive fishing gears.

The recent theft happened at Nakibanga landing site where more that 10 marine out board engines were stolen by pirate.

It remains unclear where such robbers come from. However, in a bid to reduce such theft, the commandant of the Fisheries Protection Unit in Uganda Lt Col Dick Kaija told islanders on Thursday evening that the marines will increase night patrols in a bid to protect them.

Kaija also indicated that other measures have been put in place to reduce theft and uncoordinated movements amongst fishermen on Lake Victoria.

“Some of the temporary measures put in place require that for any fisherman to go hunting for fish in a different district, they must report to a nearby landing site for introduction,” He said.

He also ordered an immediate labeling of all fishing gears of fishermen to ensure that there is clear identification in case of loss of property.

The guidelines which took immediate effect will supplement the current laws used as parameters to regulate the rudimentary fishing methods in the country.

The fisheries Protection Unit has since re institution in December 2020 been engaging fishermen on all water bodies on Lake Victoria to ensure that all stakeholders use the right fishing methods to hunt for fish.

The unit has also been fighting illegality including theft of fishing gear amongst fishermen and other armed robbers.


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