Uganda’s Members of Parliament to get 20m off Covid-19 Budget

Members of parliament have each been distributed  with a total of shs 20m to help them fight the spread of covid_19 in the country.

According to the speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga last week passed a supplementary budget of shs 304 billions that was tendered in by government to help finance several activities in the fight against corona virus.

The supplementary budget was meant to solve the activities to the response to covid_19 under Health(Referral hospitals, district hospitals) , security( UPDF , police, prisons, ISO, ESO, immigration) local government (RDCs and districts) KCCA, Disaster preparedness/ support to the vulnerable.

Speaker of parliament justified the allocation of funds to parliament and later  to members of parliament noting that they need to facilitate the ambulances which they handed over to the ministry of health.

Speaker of Parliament Rt Hon. Rebecca Kadaga

” we have ambulances which are commandeered by the ministry of Health, these belong to us, we pay the workers , we mentain them and now they have been handed over to  the national task force, the members were getting expenses of  now sending money fior fuel, the driver and it had become a burden to the MPs, ” kadaga said.

The speaker noted that she was approached  by several legislators who noted that this had become a burden and they need some support from the parliament commission budget.

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