Inside Story; Why People Power General Secretary Lewis Rubongoya Dropped NRM

Social media has been awash with comments and ridicule of People Power General Secretary David Lewis Rubongoya.

He has also been accused of being a spy within People Power. Entebbe Post brings you the inside story of who Rubongoya is.

In 2017, during the elections of the MPs representing Uganda in the East African Legislative Assembly, Lewis David Rubongoya contested on the NRM ticket.

Rubongoya, who was at the time one of the coordinators of the University students in the East African Region was much connected with State House, rallying students to support Museveni.

Rubongoya thought, with such connections, NRM and it’s constituency of the NRM MPs would back him up to become a legislator together with current MPs Dennis Namara and a host of other leaders.

Upon enduring rigorous campaigns, Rubongoya was asked for “Kintu Kidogo” (a token of cash) if he wanted to go through as an MP representing Uganda.

A vividly determined Rubongoya had limited resources to bail him out. Also, the connections especially with the first lady didn’t yeild results leading to his loss.

The angry Rubongoya, at that time had become a lecturer of Law at the International University of East Africa, penned a dossier arguing that with the increased love for money, less loyalty of Party members had ruined the NRM from being a mass transformative party.

At that time, Bobi Wine (Robert Kyagulanyi) had enrolled for a degree in Law from the International University of East Africa.

“Kyagulanyi and Rubongoya blended well, became close as the later paid attention to seeing Bobi Wine learns. Lewis’s strength has been constitutionalism which Bobi Wine too loved,” says a source at International University of East Africa.

The two would later meet in other international engagements especially at embassies for a common goal.

Rubongoya later went to Harvard in the United States on scholarship. Upon return, Kyagulanyi and Rubongoya continued working together.

Kyagulanyi who had by then joined Parliament engaged Rubongoya to become the General Secretary of the People Power Movement.

“He is not so experienced in Ugandan Politics. He is however learning on job and a brilliant young man. He is sorrounded by so many experienced people.” Says a source at the People Power Secretariat in Kamwokya.

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