David Muboki: Who is in charge of this country?

Everytime I have listened to our politicians especially those in government l have more often than not been so disappointed.

While addressing the nation on the international day of the elderly, the president kept throwing his hands in the air as he lamented about the biting poverty in the country.

He lamented why a rich country like Uganda is still surviving on hand outs from donors. Throughout the speech he deprecated and castigated Ugandans for the dependency syndrome.

I am left wondering as to whether Mr. Museveni is still in charge of this country. To the best of my knowledge the president as the fountain of honour is the chief beggar.

He is the one we entrusted with running out country and if at all he goes on lamenting and wailing to the nation then I think the nation is headed for serious trouble.

In the same Spirit, the speaker of parliament was recently lamenting about the give away of Bugoma forest reserve to dubious investors. If the whole speaker is not in charge of things then I ask who is in charge of this country?

The cabinet Ministers are the most pathetic lot. When you listen to their speeches you wonder why they even possess those heads they carry above their shoulders.

I think the president and his entire government should get a little serious and start showing a sense of responsibility. Uganda is not a commedy show. Remember that authority without responsibility is destructive and responsibility without authority is frustrating…

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