Employee appraisal: How the China – Uganda Mbale Industrial Park benches in employee satisfaction for quality work

On a normal day, Esther Lovinsa, 28 wakes up at 5.00am, and prepares herself for a day’s work. A mother of two, Lovinsa works at Sino Uganda, the Mbale Industrial Park.

“We all assemble at the park at 7.50am to share thoughts and go through the company’s guidelines as we prepare to get to work at exactly 8.00am,” she says.

The company is part of the wider Mbale Industrial Park, with more than 48 companies already instituted. The park is in the wider consortium of companies that includes the Tian Tang Group, one of the major Chinese industrial investments in Uganda.

Just like Lovinsa, many young Ugandans living in the Eastern Part of the country are finding solace at the Mbale Industrial park. A home to more than 2000 jobs, with up to USD 800 million investment, Sino is significantly contributing to the growth and Development of Uganda’s economy.

Lovinsa alone, works in the quality assurance section at Black Ark. Prior to joining, she lived paranoid and a life full of gamble, with no hopes for a better day.

She was offered necessary training and now leads a team of more than 50 employees to improve quality of the products in the company.

“I can now pay rent and look after my children. I oversee more than 50 employees. With a supportive environment, all the people live a hopeful life rest assured of payment after a month’s work.

A measure of one’s work being paid for, with outright fringe benefits is a resolution of hard work. According to Mary Kulabako, the Group Human Resources Manager, employee welfare is paramount for as long as you enter one of the fast growing industrial parks in the country.

“We work within a set of laws in the Ugandan constitution. We value and prioritize our employees by providing proper working times, pay over time and night shifts handsomely, offer meals and offer leave time according to the Labor laws,” she says.

In a bid to improve safety and security of the employees, a number of tools and safety gear is provided to the group of Ugandans working within the Industrial Park.

Amongst such are uniforms, safety shoes, good working conditions among others. “Additionally, our factories are well equipped with fire extinguishers among other gears to well prepare ourselves in case of an eventuality. We are robust and up to date,” she said.

Perhaps, several of the country’s employers ought to borrow a leaf. All laborers entering the company only require the minimum adulthood age of 18 and a national ID.

Later, each employee is trained on how to handle the different machines that they are to use while being paid at least Ugx 6,000 during training that lasts a month.

“The least paid person in our textiles section earns up to Ugx 400,000 a month, which is good enough, away from the deliberation of overtime we add on,” one of the employees told this website.

With more than 20,000 employees, up to 96% are from Uganda while the remaining 4% are of Chinese descent.

Kennedy Mushemeza, the Public Relations Manager at the industrial Part says more than 67 different products including phones, Television Sets, associated electrical machinery is being produced.

Also several textiles including bedsheets, blankets among others are also produced in the different sets companies currently operating with both skilled and unskilled labor employed from within the region.

“Locals without Prior experience come, learn to operate machines, gain skills which can help them start their own businesses,” Mushemeza said.

With insurance and basic first aid being provided all staff with injuries are quickly taken to a health facility, with bills paid to ensure that each and everyone is quickly treated.

The China-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park’s strategic location and favorable business environment position it to become a hub for industrial activity in the region, promoting social justice and decent work for all. This development aligns with the 2024 theme of “Social Justice and Decent Work for All,” showcasing the benefits of China-Uganda partnerships in promoting economic growth and decent work.

With its focus on decent work and economic growth, the China-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park serves as a model for responsible investment and industrial development in Uganda. As the park continues to grow and expand, it is expected to have a positive impact on the local community and contribute to the country’s economic development.


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