Zoo reopening; visitors to follow S.O.P’s says UWEC

The Executive Director Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) Mr James Musinguzi has said visitors to the centre will have to adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P’s) that have been put in place to prevent the spread of the Covid 19 in order to gain access to the centre.  

“Visitors are welcome to visit but they should be ready to go through the standard Operating procedures that have been put in place. Visitors will be required to come in with a mask as a must. At the entrance they will be required to go through S.O.Ps including sanitizing, temperature checks, hand washing, foot bath and spraying of vehicles” he said.

Renowned artiste Mr Daniel Kigozi alias Navio (M) washes his hands when he visited UWEC on after it was reopened over the weekend. Photo/ AK

Mr Musinguzi made the remarks following the reopening of the centre over the weekend by government while talking to Entebbe post.

“After coming in, at the pay point, we are encouraging payment by mobile money and visa cards although we are still accepting cash but will be phased out with time” he said.

Mr Musinguzi said visitors will be required to maintain a two metre distance from each other right from the entrance of the centre during visits.

“At the moment we have placed the reopening of the Zoo into phases, this is the first phase of the reopening where we shall be allowing a maximum of 300 visitors per day cumulatively but at any one point we can only allow 100 so that we adhere to the S.O.P’s especially social distancing” he said.

Mr Musinguzi said visitors will be required to share their names and contact for record purposes.

“Sanitisers have been put in place at all display areas and at the children play area we shall be allowing a particular family to use certain play material after which they will be sanisited for use by another family” he said.

A car is sprayed at the entrance of UWEC as part of the Standard Operating Procedures set up at the Centre. Photo/ AK

Entebbe Post visited the centre over the weekend. At the entrance one is required to wear a mask, go through a foot bath in a basin for disinfection, wash their hands, after which one moves to a tent set up adjacent to the entrance to have their temperature screened and details (name and Contact) registered.

The visitor then proceeds to the reception, pays the normal entrance fees either through cash, visa card or mobile money and proceeds to a tour of the centre.

Mr Issa Mawejje a father said his children have been asking him to take them to the zoo to see animals but couldn’t due to the closure.

Parents over see their children have fun at the childrens play area while practicing social distancing. Photo/ AK

“At home they have been seeing cartoons and after they sleep, they have been really bored” he told our reporter

Ms Leilah Ahebwa a parent who had brought her children said she was glad that the centre had been reopened.

“Am happy and relieved, my children can now rejuvenate themselves, they have been locked at home for four months, they are happy to be here and don’t want to go away” she said.

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