Ziwa Rhino sanctuary closed to protect rhinos – UWA

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has closed the famous Ziwa Rhino sanctuary over unsolved management conflicts between Rhino Fund Uganda (RFU) and Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and Wildlife Ranches (ZRWR).

In a statement released on Tuesday, UWA announce that it took full charge over the sanctuary to protect the rhinos following failure of the two parties (RFU, an NGO that has been managing the rhinos at the sanctuary and ZRWR, the owners of the land where the rhinos are being bred) to come to an understanding.

“UWA realized that the conflict could potentially compromise the safety of the rhinos and took this decision to avert the threat. Therefore the closure is a temporary measure as government engages the two parties with a view of mooting a lasting solution to the conflict” the Authority said.

UWA said all tourism activities have been banned at the sanctuary located in Nakasongola district until the two parties reach an agreement.

Last week, UWA announced it was finalizing the process of relocating all the rhinos at the sanctuary to a safer place.

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