Young singing duo Ezekiel and Esther run off social media as mother Julie Mutesasira’s Lesbian allegations continue

It seems the children of singer Julie Mutesasira have been traumatized by the viral photos showing their mother marrying a fellow woman.

Early this week, the photos of gospel singer while wedding a fellow woman surfaced online days after ex-husband getting married to his new lover.

Pastor Steven Mutesasira over the weekend married his new catch Judith Mutesasira in a glamorous wedding ceremony.

Pastor Steven and Julie were married for quite a long time and they had three children together but their marriage failed to work out before officially getting divorced in 2016. Julie then decided to relocate to Canada, leaving her three children behind with their father.

When Julie landed in Canada, words started making rounds that she decided to become a homosexual and according to the new photo, it’s indeed true the singer is now a lesbian.

Its alleged that following her divorce, Julie rushed to the United States before she connected to Canada to unite with her new female lover. And the pair tied the knot a few months ago and now living as husband and wife.

Now when the photos of their mother found their way on social media, Ezekiel and Esther Mutesasira could not take it anymore thus running off social media for some time to cool down the pressure.

“Off Social media for some time….. We love you,” the singing duo Ezekiel and Esther said on their joint Facebook page on Wednesday.

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