“Xenophobia”: 9 people shot dead in Hanau, Frankfurt Germany

By Trevor Lutalo

Hanau shooting in German might be a hate crime according to Federal Prosecutor.

It is believed that the gunman targeted people with immigrant roots and Turkish minorities in two shisha bars two days ago. Shisha bars are popular hangouts across various cities in Germany. 9 people were killed and at least 6 injured.

The victims included five Turkish nationals, two Bosnians and one from Poland. The victims included a 35-year-old pregnant mother of two, 22-year-old Ferhat Ünvar and a waiter named as Gökhan Gültekin who was set to wed this year and others.

The shooting occurred two days ago and the town has been hit with grief and mourning and it is believed that the gunman expected to find people with immigrant origins in such bars.

Two bars were targeted and the first shooting occurred at a bar called MIDNIGHT before proceeding to his second execution point a bar called ARENA where two employees are among the victims.

A survivor of the attack recounts that “The man came to one side and shot everyone. Then he came to our side. He shot the first guy in his head. He immediately fell down. Then he started shooting at the rest of us. My arm … I hid behind the wall. While hiding behind the wall I got shot in my arm. Then I fell onto the ground. Another guy fell over me, I fell over another guy, a guy fell over me, another one fell over him … We all went down like (inaudible), we were all one big pile.”

Turkey’s ambassador to Berlin, Ali Kemal Aydin has come out to condemn the killings and confirmed that five of the victims were Turks of Kurdish origin and added some of them were citizens of Germany.

The 43-year-old shooter Tobias R. was later discovered dead and his mother at their family home in Hanau, He is believed to have been a far right Neo-Nazi extremist.

Germany’s federal prosecutor General Peter Frank told reporters that investigators are trying to determine if anyone else knew about or supported the attack.

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