Woman with Large Abscess seeks 10M for Treatment

Norah Mirembe a 55 year old woman a resident of Kaluungu in Mityana District is diagnosed with a rare brain abscess that has caused a large swelling on her head that cannot be eliminated by surgery. The Abscess covers 45%of her haed.

We found her in Kawoto, Kajjansi Town Council where she now resides temporarily with one of her daughters, who has been taking care of her during the Covid-19 lockdown and paying for Mirembe’s medication.

Even before Norah Mirembe unwrapped her head,that she had covered in a head wrap we could not help but notice the grave pain she suffers. Her eyes had sunk in and her body seemed to be slimming quite fast.

“The doctors told me that they cannot risk surgery because my chances of survival are very thin,but they only order for medicine from south Africa…….I am in so much pain and i can barely talk or stand before getting a pain killer, my whole body hurts and I cannot sleep comfortably since I am left with only one side to lie on” Mirembe lamented

I pray to God Almighty that well wishers may come to my rescue, because I am scared for my life, I really need to get proper treatment.

Mirembe in blue Gomesi and daughter Gift in pink.

“My mother has been ill for a longtime, she was initially diagnosed with goitre and she was operated twice from Mulago Hospital……but after a while she started complaining of headache and a swelling started to develop and it has now grown too big and we are scared we might lose her life if we do not raise the money required” Gift said

In case of any support be it medical or financial towards Norah Mirembe you can contact her or Gift on (256) 0705 386 641 or 078 022 691 or contact the Entebbe Post Team on 256703124565.

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