Visit Uganda: Entebbe, annex desired tourism sites

Uganda is endowed by nature, fringed by wildlife and forests, the Pearl, with Entebbe as its main Entrance provides a wide beat of knowledge with what to visit across Uganda. Entebbe Post brings you some of the main places that make Entebbe’s tourism potential great for a visit Uganda exploration drive.

Uganda Wildlife Education and Conservation Center

The only Wildlife education and conservation center in the country is seeking to set up regional zoos and aquariums across the country. It is home for reptiles, the wild and lodging, with a floating restaurant suitable for anyone’s adventure.

The place acts as Uganda’s source of information on Wildlife, protecting and improving all endangered species world over. Situated at the shoreline of Lake Victoria UWEC serves a purpose of creating awareness on the beauty of nature, providing a gateway to the rest of the country and all its tourism potential.

Ngamba Island, Chimpanzee Sanctuary

This island sanctuary is supposed to serve orphaned chimpanzees rescued by Ugandan Wildlife Authorities, most of which rescued from poachers. They are reintroduced in the Wildlife world. The 10 acre island is situated in the middle of Lake Victoria, south east of Entebbe.

The place, rich in diversity of natural wildlife provides a variety of foods for the apes, set up in an eco-friendly place composed to rain water collection, great waste management and solar electricity.

Gazzetted in 1998, the place is managed by the Chimpanzee sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation trust, the place offers tourism potential to great apes, open with a minimum pay suggested to help feed the Chimps.

Entebbe Botanical Gardens

The place, situated in Entebbe city consists of a large delicate and protected area where you can take around walking, touring to discover native and imported tree species, along with monkey runs along the ground from the shoreline of Lake Victoria with dedicated and formal information for human consumption.

The place also acts as Uganda’s major information center on Botany. The place is also a great site for photo shoots and fascinating forest walks overseeing great nature, including snakes in a friendly forest.

Lake Victoria

It is Africa’s largest fresh water lake extending to two other East African countries, Kenya and Tanzania. A cruise from Entebbe would let you circumnavigate Lake Victoria to Bukoba, Geita, Mwanza, Unguja, Mjingo islands and Ports Florence, Jinja, Mwanza and Port bell.

Its beautiful fresh water give clearance, to safe and fascinating sailing to the different island paradise places across the lake.

Uganda Reptile Village

Ssese Islands

The lush 84 islands situated in the middle of Lake Victoria are filled with vast tourism potential. From water falls to a bird sanctuary on Nsiirwe, the islands, also known as the islands of the Gods are extensively gifted with a watch tower, great caves, sceneries and Cliffs that will make a tourist get filled with amazing potential.

The islands are also filled with serene and nature and great lodging facilities with a great feel of the island’s lifestyle. The hospitable people and tour guides can take you around the 84 islands situated 51 nautical miles south west of Entebbe.

Bafrika Creations

Bafrika Creations is an African art and crafts place situated in Entebbe. Led a talented one Michael, the place produces jaw dropping art pieces inspired by African culture and nature. The high quality work reflects the fixed prices but well considered as fair is a recommended haven for Ugandan art and crafts.

A reviewer recommended tourists to “expect unique, inspirational and high quality pieces of art at a fraction of the cost in the West. Also they take card and will wrap your piece very carefully to travel home.”

Victoria Mall

The first ever all round mall within the Entebbe Peninsular. Having all facilities from coffee shops to hotels, galleries, health care and general merchandise. Located along the main Entebbe road, the mall is home to more than 100,000 people for shopping and conferencing at the Best western Hotel.

Wild Expeditions Africa

A team of experienced tour guides taking you around the country with vast knowledge of the island’s tourism potential will divulge more on where and how to adventure, Visit Uganda. The place is considered “everything you need to see, including over 400 bird species. Catered for by a team of brilliant tour operators.”

Mabamba Swamp – Shoebill watching

On a half day Mabamba Shoebill tracking tour, you get to visit the Mabamba swamp on Lake Victoria for bird watching with main focus on the Shoebill Stork, the swamp is home to more than 21 bird species. It is also home to the endangered Sitatunga. The journey that begins and ends in Entebbe will also have you sail on the fresh waters of Lake Victoria through Nakiwogo landing site.

Ziika Forest

Better known as Zika, is a tropical forested area. Ziika means overgrown and acts as a Uganda Virus Research institute protected area for research on mosquitoes. The 25 hectare combines several eco systems, rich in biodiversity and home to more than 40 mosquito species.

It is also home for bird watching. Former United States President Jimmy Carter visited the place for such purpose. It is home to about 30 bird species and great relaxation and lodging units for tourists. It is also known for the Ziika virus, a world renowned epidemic. All this makes the visit Uganda narrative a great one.

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