URA to prosecute 282 top tax evaders

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has threatened to prosecute up to 282 individuals and organizations evading taxes in the country.

According to a public notice it issued with the names of the tax evaders over the weekend, the tax body warned evaders who fail to clear their outstanding tax liabilities amounting to billions of shillings within 7 days of the publication with prosecution.  

URA said it has released the list of tax evaders to avoid last year’s revenue deficit collection of Shs 3 trillion partially due to the Covid 19 pandemic toll on business in the country, which was an equivalent of about twice the allocation government, is proposing for agro-industrialisation in the 2021-2022 budget.

URA is aiming at beating its collection target of Shs19.6 trillion reviewed downwards from about Shs21.8trillion, which is about Shs2.2trillion less than the earlier target.

Analysts, however, are of the view that the same attention being given to the taxpayers in the shame list should not change when it comes to perpetuators of illicit financial flows (IFF), most of whom are multinational companies, bleeding the country’s economy but pay very little taxes or nothing at all.

Studies  have  found  that  despite  URA’s  innovations,  a  small  percentage  of  Ugandans  pay tax. A number of commodities in Uganda are under taxed due to slackness among tax officials and policymakers.

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