Uproar as patients attack Ministry of Health for Issuing fake Covid 19 results

There has been uproar in one of the top companies in Kampala after a revelation was made to staff that those who tested Covid 19 positive did not have the virus.

More than 18 staff at one of the leading agencies in Kampala tested positive and by Monday Thursday last week, the staff that included managers and operation officers was immediately taken to Mulago, National referral hospital and Entebbe Regional referral hospital where most Covid 19 patients receive treatment.

“On Friday all of them were tested and results returned on Monday and none of them had Covid 19. Some were in Mulago hospital while others were taken to Entebbe regional referral hospital. How did they all heal in just a day?” a reliable source close to the victims asks.

Some of those taken to Entebbe regional referral hospital had gone with their children as first contacts. However, all of them tested negative of Covid 19 just after they had been taken to the facility.

“We demand that for transparency. Why does the Ministry of Health take people to be Covid 19 positive yet they aren’t?” A top boss at the company asked.

The incident comes at a time when the Ministry has on several occasions owned up for wrong Covid 19 results. In one of the Presidential addresses on Covid 19, the President blamed some of the medics and researchers for offering wrong Covid 19 results negatively impacting the country’s efforts to curb the virus.

In a statement released by the Ministry of Health Senior Public Relations Officer Emmanuel Ainebyona on Sunday, the institution denounces the release of fake Covid 19 results of the Covid 19 victims.


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