UNRA wants to redesign Lwera Road section.

The Uganda National Roads Authority – UNRA wants to redesign the Lwera stretch on the Kampala – Masaka highway as means to reduce breakdowns on the section of the road.

The stretch faced challenges that led to the hike in transport to and from Masaka when a culvert broke down in the area.

UNRA engineers said a combination of factors have led to the breakdown of culverts on the road creating a transport impasse within the area.

The engineers said, the culverts on the road are old and made of steel and thus the institution of new culverts is required to ensure that there is no problem, harm or breakdown again happening on such a major highway.

The engineers also blamed chemicals from the rice plantations in the Lwera stretch that immediately contaminate water and thus cause rusting of the culverts.

Also, UNRA accused the rice growers of blocking water flow and thus contaminated water remains idling around the culverts causing harm.

The Roads body now wants a redesign of the road in the 7 kilometer stretch, replace culverts with those made of concrete to ensure that the road is stable and can easily carry passengers and goods to and from the markets.

The road break down on Thursday last week paralyzed transport to and from Masaka region, leaving drivers spend more than 3 hours in the Lwera stretch waiting to pass by the dilapidated area.

The costs of transport to and from Masaka increased from Ugx 15,000 to Ugx 50,000. The Uganda National roads Authority asked travelers to use an alternative route through Gomba, Ssembabule using the Villa Maria route.

“The transport costs through the same road are equally high.” Kassim Lubwama one of the travelers told Entebbe Post.


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