UN Staffers accused of sexual misconduct in Karamoja

The United Nations has launched a probe into the allegations of sexual harassment and exploitation of vulnerable women made against their staffers in Karamoja.

An anonymous Whistle-blower tabled allegations of sexual misconduct and exploitation of vulnerable people. The allegations include trading food for sex from vulnerable women in an area that has been hit terribly by food shortages.

The Allegations are coming from the Moroto district World Food Programme(WFP) base that houses offices and quarters for several workers in different agencies of the UN. This has unmasked a serious pattern of misconduct by the UN staff.

The WFP, however cannot ascertain the exact number of the members of staff residing at the base on security grounds and but private security is in place to vet whoever accesses the compound.

“We have been informed of the allegations made against UN staff residing at the compound managed by WFP in Moroto and are investigating,” Amanda Lawrence-Brown, WFP’s Nairobi-based regional spokesperson, said

“There is no place for any form of sexual harassment, exploitation, or abuse at the World Food Programme, including by non-WFP staff residing at compounds managed by WFP in the field,” she said.

The UN is taking the matter seriously as those that are implicated face immediate suspension, as the probe ensues.

The matter however comes at a time that agencies that are working with Refugees and vulnerable communities are under scrutiny for divulging into matters beyond their mandate and some operating illegally according to the NGO board.

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