The Government of Uganda was forced to foster new directives to curb the spread of the Nobel Corona Virus Disease, in which a partial lockdown of businesses and education institutions became inevitable.

However essential workers and agro-based entities would remain in operation.But the story is completely different in the Horticultural Industry, with Big Flower Markets threatening to close and local firms laying off over 5000 employees.

The effects leaving only 3000 workers in employment out of the estimated 8000 farm workers across the 15 flower firms in Uganda. Even after the interventions from UHISPAWU to keep all workers at work at half salary and also assist in provision of safety equipment.

The firms have found it inevitable to sustain all workers thus slicing the numbers in half, this has left most of the former employees in dire conditions with no food or any money.

UHISPAWU General Secretary Janepher Nassali

“We want Parliament to pass the NSSF bill into law but with clear emphasis on accessibility of funds……..this will help workers access their savings instead of waiting for them to die.” said Nassali Janepher

NOTU Chairman General Usher Wilson Owere

Chairman General of NOTU Usher-Wilson Owere hopes that government will be able to extend food relief to all those that are in need as early as possible. He also thinks that it is about time that Parliament made reforms that will benefit workers when they are in need.

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