Uganda’s First Parliamentary Building Turned into Agricultural Research Office

Tour Operators within the country have advised that government should preserve the First ever parliamentary building as a tourism site instead of using it as an office for the National Agricultural Research Organization – NARO.

The Building situated in Entebbe, close to the Ministry of Agriculture Headquarters and the National Botanical Gardens. It is one of the first sites Independent Uganda received after colonial rule.

Uganda’s 1st Parliament Building is one of Entebbe’s best known landmarks. Facing and looking Lake Victoria, Botanical gardens, the south facade of the building; sweeping steps, elegant pillars, grand colonnade, all these suggesting solidity and strength.

This building continues today to be one of the most recognized building in ENTEBBE and in Uganda as of the magnificent building, custom-built by the colonial Victorian architect for Parliamentary use.

Its design and layout of the building were thus carefully designed to serve the needs and workings of Parliament. It is argued that parliamentary buildings and spaces do preserve cultural values of the polity over time; articulate contemporaneous political attitudes and values; and contribute to the formation of political culture.

Now, the tour operators led by Hassan Ayyub of the Pearl Tours and Travel in Entebbe say, such sites should be preserved for Educational Tourism and such for the preservation of Uganda’s History.

“We are supposed to use them as a museum and it can also be a source of revenue for the people of Entebbe and the Institution of Entebbe Municipal Council.” He says.

Other tourism sites in Entebbe include the Entebbe Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, Freedom Square, the Children’s and Muzinga Park which share heritage and history for the people as well as promoting our tourism.

“These Victorian architect do deserve the greater credit for the architectural triumph of this first Ugandan Parliament and offices of the 1st colonial governor, located at the then public service office and now currently housing National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) head offices in Entebbe,” says Charles Nyakaana, the team leader Pride of Entebbe, an institution documenting the history of the area.

All such historical structures still have old images of a legislative house such as paintings of the Uganda flag in front of the administration offices, court of arms and other distinctive features on Lugard Avenue thus making them a true Pride of Entebbe.

Entebbe Municipal Mayor Vincent De Paul Kayanja says the municipality is yet to engage all partners within the area so as to preserve such history and earn revenue as a municipal council for the better ness of the people living within it.

Charlotte Kemigyisha, the NARO spokesperson could to be reached to ascertain if the institution would soon vacate the premises for preservation and tourism promotion.

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