Ugandans deployed in Afghanistan withdrawn by USA amid COVID-19 Tensions

By Sharon Lakaraber

The United States Government is laying off several Ugandans working in the war torn Middle East Nation of Afghanistan after COVID-19 tensions arise amidst an Economic Crisis in the East.

This comes after the corona virus infiltrated several bases of the United States Army that are on a 19 year old peace keeping mission.

Entebbe Post has learnt through a Ugandan contact in Kabul who preferred anonymity, many Ugandan nationals have been sent packing in the last four months after contracting the deadly corona virus disease and their contracts were not paid.

“Our friends here and in other camps are being sent home, once you get sick youre likely to go home, they dont pay out your contract, some of us have 15 months left. Since our numbers dropped we are being targetted by militias.” our contact confirmed

With those still deployed face high risks owing to attacks from militant groups in the Taliban region, and are going without pay for over 3 months now yet confined to their camps.

The fate of the foreign workers depends on the ongoing talks between Afghanistan and USA in Qatar, to finding comprehensive mitigation channels.

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