Ugandan Pilots moving forward post COVID-19

Uganda Professional Pilots Association(UPPA) is looking to build on their achievements as they resume full operation owing to the emergence of the Corona Virus Pandemic in Uganda that saw both local and international flights barred for over 7 months.

While addressing the Pilots General Assembly, UPPA president Charles Karabarinde stressed the need to have more pilots enrolled across the coun try to boost the current total of about 300 local pilots. Karabarinde says that the aviation industry is still open and in high demand for more pilots across the nation.

” A number of you Pilots have a great opportunity of reaping the benefits of gaining employment.” says Fred Bamwesigye(AG. Director General,UCAA)

Bamwesigye adds that the Pilots need to be empowered as professionals with better working conditions in order to execute their roles diligently and as well take care of the families.

With the easing of travel restrictions across the globe, the Aviators are tasked with multiple guidelines and health standard operating procedures(SOPs) to ensure their safety and that of the passengers.

The SOPs include frequent hand sanitizing,physical distancing,mask wearing, and temperature screening.

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