Ugandan businessman buys equity stake in London based sports consultancy company

By Our reporter

Marvin Lwasa, a former aspiring professional footballer and now turned businessman has purchased an equity stake in London-based football consultancy firm, Eden Sports.

Eden Sports company specializes in talent procurement, sports investments and Premier League commercial partnerships.

The company is currently in the advanced stages of purchasing two European football clubs, with the aim of helping young African players break into the continent.

“Due to work-permit restrictions in Europe, current legislation makes it increasingly difficult and sometimes impossible for African players to make the initial move to certain European countries. In having a controlling stake in the ‘right football club’ this provides us autonomy over such decisions and allows for African players to be given more opportunities.” Lwasa attests.

Marvin Lwasa on the right in dark Blue Jacket. Net photo

Eden Sports will identify players aged between 17-21 years old and supply them with elite coaching and training facilities in Europe, while also providing maximum exposure to showcase their talents on a global stage.

The founder Jordan Wise, who oversees the company’s strategic vision, has secured landmark multi- million-pound football transfers and commercial contracts with several leading Premier League clubs, including Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.

“We’ve always been deeply passionate about Africa and empowering the next generation. I believe that by investing in today’s young talent, we can inspire and develop role models and future leaders of tomorrow. Players of African origin dominate the game across the world’s top five leagues. Having worked closely with Marvin scouting the continent for several years. I am excited for him to now take ownership in the company and help activate the project” Jordan notes.

Eden Sports are in the final stages of purchasing football clubs in Scandinavia and Portugal, where there are more lenient non-EU player immigration policies.

Previously, players such as Aston Villa’s Tanzanian striker Mbwana Samatta have had to wait until their mid-twenties to make high-profile transfers to Europe, despite representing their country several times.

 Commercial partnerships are Eden Sport’s secondary revenue stream, with experience in negotiating contracts and partnership opportunities for African companies with Premier League football clubs.

 Lwasa also owns the state of art Mutundwe based Serene Suites.

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