Ugandan Borders in Lake Victoria Remain Risky, Unregulated As COVID 19 Spreads.

By Daniel Kaweesa

The Ugandan Borders within Lake Victoria especially at the Tanzanian side remain risky as more Tanzanians jet into the country through Nkose, Nkese, Miyana, Lujaabwa and Kuye Islands to settle at Landing sites annex.

There are neither sanitizers and Isolation Centers on such landing sites and island with also limited health workers and one health facility.

Transport also remains a major challenge for such people while ignorance has also been registered amongst the Islanders on how to control Corona Virus.

The first COVID 19 positive test of a Ugandan happened on Saturday evening. The 36 year old male who traveled to Dubai on March 17th returned yesterday through Entebbe International Airport and tested positive.

A temporary screening center set up by Kalangala Infrastructure Services in Kalangala

Several measures and Standard Operating Procedures have been put in place by the Minister of Health and Government of Uganda including closing the airport, sea ports and roads to incoming passenger flights save for cargo.

Currently in the Islands, only Kalangala Infrastructure Services – KIS, a company that runs MV Ssese, a ferry that plies the Masaka – Kalangala Route has adminstered measures put in Place by Government.

A Screening center has been instituted by KIS Ltd with help of Uganda Red Cross Society in Kalangala at Bugoma Docking Pier where people are tested before entering or leaving the island district.

A cargo and passenger  boat in Kalangala

Several people travel to and from Uganda to Tanzania through Kalangala since there are limited immigration laws being implemented. The porus border poses more threats since there are a handful of security operatives Manning the place and limited government intervention with poor transport systems.

Willy Lugoloobi the District Chairperson has called for Government Rescue to prevent any contraction of the Virus in the area.

“We need sanitizers and more sensitization of our people by Government and the Ministry of Health,” he says.
More than 11000 have died of Corona Virus world wide.

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