Uganda to Export more Agricultural produce to Russia

Uganda and Russia have opened talks on export of Uganda’s Agricultural produce, the Minister of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries Vincent Bamulangaki Ssempijja has said.

This has been in a briefing of all Journalists held at the Ministry headquarters in Entebbe.

Russia has indicated to us willingness to buy our agricultural products, we just need to put our systems in order and then we can have that big budget, as you know Russia is the biggest buyer of our coffee, so this is not just the beginning of our trade relationship.

Minister Vincent Bamulangaki Ssempijja

During the same event Uganda was handed a Cheque of 3million USD to fight Dessert locusts and also rejuvenate the affected communities and farmers back to their feet.

Minister Ssempijja remarked that Russia boosts of one of the largest markets for Ugandan Coffee and they are yet to take more of all Uganda’s produce from crop and dairy products.

The Russian Government through it’s mission in Uganda have continued to equip Uganda with the necessary resources to prepare for the next swarm of locusts that have been predicted to strike Uganda soon.

Through the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, Uganda has received several donations since the second wave of locusts on March 16 2020, the initial donation of USD 500,000 was in form of modified sprayer trucks and other specialised equipment.

“It is my great honour and pleasure to address this symbolic, but important handover ceremony of a $3 million cheque for the contribution to Uganda made by the Russian Federation through the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. This is part of the larger Russian donation of $10 million to FAO to fund their regional efforts to address the catastrophic desert locust invasion in East Africa. Our contribution will be used to purchase pesticides, fuel, vehicles and sprayers as well as for the employment and training of personnel for the pest’s elimination.

HE. Alexander Polyakov, Russian Ambassador to Uganda

With the 3 million USD, Uganda will be able to increase on the quantity and also improve on the quality of the yields. The farmers will be able to plant with confidence since the country can now defend self from Locusts with more donations still on the way.

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