Uganda – Kenya trade woes deepen as Kenya closes border again

Kenyan Authorities have yet again closed the Uganda – Kenya border as woes between the two countries deepen.

The closing of the border stems from the last Sunday impounding of trucks containing immature fish at the Uganda – DRC border. The fish is said to have come from the Kenyan part of Lake Victoria.

The arrest of the trucks led to a diplomatic disagreement between the two countries, Kenya accusing Uganda of illegitimately impounding goods that were in transit to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In an email to the embassy of Uganda in Kenya, Ministries of Agriculture and Foreign affairs, the Kenyan embassy demanded that Uganda releases the four impounded Kenyan trucks with goods which include the Nile Perch fish species.

A highly placed source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Uganda told this website that the matter is being discussed at the highest levels of diplomacy.

Now, due to the delayed release of the four trucks of immature fish, the Kenyan government has blocked at its Malaba and Busia borders the entry and exit of goods in Kenya.

“This is part of our efforts to remind Government of Uganda about the protocols in place building partnership and trade relations between the two governments,” a source in the Kenyan Government told this website.

It is not clear when the impasse between the two countries will be sorted.

Both Kenya and Uganda share borders and a common resource, Lake Victoria. The resource is used as fish hunting place for people both in Kenya and Uganda.

In 2017, leaders from Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, during a joint meeting of the shoreline local leaders in Mwanza, Tanzania agreed on mechanisms on how to prevent the then increasing illegal fishing vice. However, there isn’t a joint task force that has been put in place to control such illegality on Lake Victoria.

It is not the first time Kenya closes it border on Ugandan goods last year, Kenya halted the importation of Ugandan maize, eggs and milk arguing that they were below the Kenyan food authority standards.

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