Uganda’s exports via Entebbe Airport improving steadily – UCAA

The number of cargo exports Uganda has sent to the international market through Entebbe International Airport has surpassed the number of imports, the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority has said.

The country has been on a pathway to improve its export earnings as part of efforts to improve the economu.

However, in the month of April, the country exported 5,725 metric tonnes of cargo through Entebbe International Airport. The number rose from 4,766 tonnes in March and 4,911 tonnes in February & in January.

The Uganda Civil Aviation Authority Public Affairs Manager Vianney Luggya says, “The good news is exports are still more than the imports (3,388 tonnes of exports & 2,337 imports in April 2021.”

The increase in exports is also attributed to the increase in the number of valuable products from the fresh produce industry including the horticulture industry and fish and its bi products including the fish maw and vegetables. “This is good news for the Ugandan farmers.” Says Vianney Luggya, the Public Affairs manager of the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority.

The improvement in the export of cargo in the country comes at a time when the Airport and Aviation Authorities are working excessively hard to ensure that they enlarge the Cargo Center at Entebbe International Airport.

This according to Vianney Luggya, the Public Affairs Manager of the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority justifies the expansion of the current cargo center to 100,000 tonnes capacity, to cater for the ever increasing number of exports taken out of the country.

“The construction of a new 100,000 tonnes capacity cargo centre was informed by the 20 year National Civil Aviation Master Plan covering the period 2014 to 2033. In the Master Plan, it was projected that cargo growth would have exceeded current capacity in years to come, which necessitated need for bigger and more modern facilities. The current growth is only in line with what was earlier on projected.” Luggya says.

The increase in the tonnage being exported and imported justifies calls from the Uganda Airlines Company luring Ugandans into using the just purchased airbuses to export goods for further generation of income in the country.

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