Uganda Airlines makes maiden flight to Dubai

The minister of state for works in charge of transport, Fred Byamukama has revealed that Uganda is set to acquire cargo planes to add to it’s growing national air fleet in a bid to widen it’s revenue from different destination countries the Uganda Airline will operate in.

““I appeal to Ugandans to start using the Uganda airlines, to travel to the various routes, you have paid your own tax, it’s being managed well by government,   now you need to pay more taxes, we do the supervision and even get cargo aircrafts, that is the plan we have after this” he said.

Mr Byamukama who didn’t give an exact date of when the planes are expected made the remarks on Monday after flagging off the Uganda Airlines Airbus A380-800 Neo aircraft maiden flight to Dubai at Entebbe International Airport that had 81 passengers on board.

“The cargo capacity of the plane is high with businessmen exporting horticulture products like you have witnessed fruits being loaded for Dubai, it shows every Ugandan benefits from this, even people at the grass root levels will benefit out of the person buying the agricultural produce even if they don’t travel” he said.

Mr Byamukama said with the carrier now plying the Dubai route, will ensure cheaper flight costs for Ugandans.

“This is a big milestone, the economy of Uganda is growing, the charges of Uganda airlines are cheaper compared to other airlines when you travel to different destinations, its our own aircraft there is no need to charge people highly” he said.

The acting C.E.O Uganda airlines Mr Steven Wegoye said the airline will be operating the five hour route three days a week easing travel for business people.

“Business people will be flying out on Monday, Friday and Saturday, they can buy their merchandise and return quickly within just days. It’s a wonderful thing for Ugandans who are travelling to the middle east, these days passing through different airports requires you to have many tests with the direct flight you get it once here then there.

Mr Wekoye said beginning of continental flights was delayed by the Covid pandemic which has devastated the aviation sector.

“When we build capacity people will come to us automatically,  the people who have started with us will market us to the public, we wish government ensures all it’s staff travel with the national airlines today 81 people have flown back with 86 people booked on the return flight” he said.

The director general, Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, Mr Fred Bamwesigye said The coming on board of long-haul flights to Middle East is a timely and much needed development considering the importance of more connections between Uganda, and the rest of the world.

“The Authority’s five year Business plan covering the period up to the Financial Year 2024/25 is targeting growth in air traffic levels by at least 15% and improvement in capacity for Entebbe International Airport to handle about 2.4 million passengers by June 2025 following implementation of works for upgrade and expansion of Entebbe International Airport” he said.

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