UCAA bans taking Photos/ recording Videos at Entebbe International Airport

In a seemingly way of showing Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) condones its staff’s extortion of passengers, it has banned taking photos and filming of videos at Entebbe International Airport with immediate effect.

At different points of the airport beginning from the check toll, the UCAA has put up signposts strongly warning people from capturing videos and taking photos is prohibited at Uganda’s international gateway.

UCAA actions comes following public scrutiny from the recent corruption scandal where many of their staff were recorded and exposed while extorting money from travelers in order to clear their documents and luggage in order for them to fly out of the country.

The corruption at the airport was exposed through citizen journalists who recorded and leaked videos and photos of the airport staff allegedly asking for bribes while others were captured on film allegedly taking bribes from the travelers before clearing them to travel.

The corruption racket at the airport triggered triggered Inspector General of Government (IGG) to pick interest and vowed to expose all those involved.

“As the IGG, I want to applaud the [ordinary] citizens of Uganda, who have come out to expose the extortion at the airport. These are our heroes because they are not politicians, religious leaders or government officials, but local Ugandans who have come out to say enough is enough to corruption.”

IGG Betty Kamya said

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