Two Bodies retrieved in Kampala city center floods

Uganda Police Force on Friday redeemed 2 corpses along Nakivubo Channel at Clock Tower near Total fuel station in Kampala, after a heavy rainfall.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman Patrick Onyango asserted that the 2 bodies were recovered at an identical location.

“The two bodies were carried by flood water from different places. The first body to be retrieved is of female juvenile aged 12, identified as Namazzi Alyera, a resident of Nsambya Kitooro, Makindye Division, Kampala Capital City,” Superintendent of Police Onyango said.

It is stated that Namazzi was playing with her friends during the rain and their ball fell in the trench.

She tried to pull out the ball, but she was subjugated by the water which swept her away up to the Clock Tower, where a boda boda rider saw it and notified the police.

“While still carrying on their work, another body appeared and it was also removed,” Onyango said.

He added that the body of a male adult has not yet been identified.

“Motorists, especially motorcyclists and pedestrians should be cautious while moving on with their duties,” Onyango said.

Heavy rains have been pounding different parts of the country displacing several with some reported deaths, due to blocked drainage systems.

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