Tumukunde nomination hangs in balance as credentials found lacking

The nomination of Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde hangs in balance after the electoral commission found some of the credentials the aspirant presented to the commission for nomination were found lacking.

The retired Gen reached the nomination center in Kyambogo from his office in Kololo at midday. However, some of his credentials according to the electoral commission needed the presidential aspirant to swear an oath before being nominated.

Tumukunde who is an independent candidate according to the electoral laws needed to swear the oath unlike other aspirants who are backed by Political Party affiliations.

It is not clear whether the now disappointed Tumukunde will return for nomination.

Earlier, the commander in chief, Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhabura Museveni was successfully nominated by the electoral commission. Museveni after nomination declared a crush on all those who want to send Uganda into chaos and anarchy.

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