Trouble as Entebbe Airport fuel tanks catch fire

The fuel tanks at Entebbe International Airport are on fire.

Sources at the airport say, the tanks close to the air side and the runway started burning at about 4.00 pm. Sources say, the fuel tanks may have burst and later caught fire.

The airport and aviation security are still fighting hard to put out the fire.

The fire comes months after the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority unveiled state of art fuel reservoirs that will keep more than 10 million liters of aviation fuel.

The new reservoirs are situated close to the shoreline of Lake Victoria. The current reservoirs that have caught fire are a handful of meters away from the run way and the airport terminal building.

The current impasse at the facility has led to increased traffic and delayed aviation movements at the airport.

The Uganda Civil Aviation Authority says, the incident was manageable and ably handled by the safety and security team.

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