Transporters Want Government to Halt Reforms

By Derrick Wadria

Following the new government proposal to overhaul taxis and Boda-boda that sees boda-bodas being required to operate under digital companies while only few taxis will be cleared to operate in the capital, the Amalgamated Transport and General Workers Union (ATGWU) General Secretary Stephen Abima has called for quick cancellation of these new guidelines saying that this is not the right time.

ATGWU Chairman General UsherWilson Owere at the Presser

After a press briefing yesterday at the ATGWU head offices in Kajansi, Abima told Entebbe post that they have written to the Ministry of Transport and works and KCCA to re-think and withdraw the proposal that they have decided on without their consent.

“The workers livelihood is at stake, this is not the right time to bring in such proposals yet the whole country is fighting war against the sptead of Covid-19 epidemic. I therefore call upon KCCA and MoTW to withdraw this proposal,” said Abima

Nevertheless, both taxi and boda-boda drivers have been backed up by the KCCA Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago who on Wednesday told the press that the government has overlooked these two groups to come up with such measures yet there is still fighting Covid-19.

“This is not fair at all beacause we already have boda-boda and taxi ordinances in place but government has instead overlooked them. How do you come up with such policies when you haven’t engaged leaders of taxis and boda-bodas! Should we really be discussing such yet Kampala is literally suffering with the impact of Covid-19?”  Lukwago asked.

However, ATGWU jointly with Kampala Operational Taxi Stages Association (KOTSA) and Kampala Metropolitan BodaBoda Association (KAMBE) like to appeal to the Government of Uganda to consider the the status they are in before they pass the proposal.

“However much this proposal maybe good but this is not the right time, we pray that the governmenbt waits until we come back to work. Let them wait we recover our financial wounds and then after they can embark to this but we should be involved as the main stake holders,” the KOTSA public relations Moses Muyige pleaded 

According to the guidelines, all boda-boda motorcycles shall operate under digital companies at an extended 28 days with effect after the 14 days lockdown while taxis will be operational 42 days later.

Meanwhile the KCCA secretary for works, Kennedy Okello, said the Government’s proposals are more of directives, but the process should be brought back to the KCCA for review.

“This shouldn’t be a very big issue now because this is just a proposal to be debated on and eventually will come back to the stakeholders who are the taxi and boda-boda owners for debate, we all need development,” said Okello

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