Traders in Disarray Over Police Brutality

Abaita Ababiri traders continue to complain on the way Abaita Police Station OC Gilbert Besigye and ‘his’ men are treating them. The traders share strong concerns on course taken by the security heads in implementing the President’s directives and guidelines by the Ministry of Health to curb the spread of Corona Virus.

Traders reckon that ASP Besigye and his juniors have used this time as an opportune moment to extort the traders and residents in the area. The OC and his juniors have reportedly been making unwarranted arrests of traders and Bodaboda riders, before extorting money for Police bond.

Abaita Ababiri on a normal day.

According to Nkumba Musa kavuma the LCIII Councilor for Nkumba parish, police has been charging detained traders and residents fees between 30,000 and 50,000 for them to be released on bond.

Unidentified Youths attack Police OC

It was a weird scenario on Wednesday night when a group of unidentified youths attacked OC Besigye who was trying to effect the curfew directive in company of another police officer. Besigye who had moved without a gun, is reported to have been thumped by the rowdy youths before he ran for dear life.

Upon retreating back to the station, Besigye picked a gun and in company of SFC soldiers, managed to disperse the rowdy mob when they fired shots in the sky. It is suspected that a section of the disgruntled traders and boda boda cyclists, were behind behind the attack on the police officer.

What Besigye says

The implicated area Police officer denies all allegations saying, this section of traders and boda boda riders have failed to understand that as a police officer, he is just effecting orders. “We rarely arrest traders because we have limited space in our cells and also cautious of detaining people anyhow in the current situation of Covid19,” noted Besigye.

About the Wednesday night incident, Besigye says, he managed to spot some faces of the people who attacked him and hopes to hunt and apprehend them on sight. He implored traders to observe social distancing so as to prevent the spread of Covid19.

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