Traders embrace removal of asbestos roofs

Entebbe central market traders have embraced Entebbe Municipal Council’s move to replace asbestos roofs with 28-gauge iron sheets in an effort to curb health issues that may result from the asbestos roof’s dust-like cancer.

Mr John Kasamba the chairperson of the market said they welcomed the initiative since it has been a long time since the roofs were placed on the market 1975 which he described as dangerous to human health.

The Chairperson said the reconstruction that will cost Shs 116 million will see the traders vacated the premises ad operate for outside for a period of two moths as the renovation works progress.

“The renovation works on the market have been overdue due to lack of government funds but since we have received the funds we are going to immediately start on the works, and we will have storage space for our traders to store their produce” he said.

Traders who operate in this market have welcomed the initiative but requested the municipal council to fasten the process since they will be operating from outside yet it’s a rainy season. They further said the replacement of the asbestos roofs should have been done earlier since the ministry of health passed an order last year to have asbestos roofs removed from buildings.

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