Tourism Journal: Why Lake Mburo National Park is worth a visit

By Sheila Abaho

The smallest of all parks in Uganda is a national park located in Western Uganda with exciting wildlife in an arm’s reach of the Capital Kampala.

Lake Mburo is the only place in South Uganda to see Zebras and the only park with Impalas, Giant Bush Rats and mongoose. While at Lake Mburo you can also look out for topis, Leopards, Hyenas, the recently reintroduced Rothschild Giraffes and also home to some of the 350 bird species that include the Red faced barbets, magical eagles, papyrus yellow warblers and the African fin foots.

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A herd of bufaloes in Lake Mburo National Park (Photo by Africa Pearl)

With presence of a few predators, Lake Mburo is the only park where you can hike throughout the park, mountain biking and horse riding within and outside the park. If you are visiting Uganda for a day or two, Lake Mburo will certainly give you a taste of the wild of Africa close to Kampala making it accessible with activities such as;

Night Game drives

A night game drive in Lake Mburo is one of the memorable activities for your Safari. During your game drive you will be able to spot creatures like Lions, bush babies, leopards and porcupines. The night drive is usually 2 hours after you’ve had dinner at your lodge.

Boat Rides

A ride in Lake Mburo gets in touch with the flora and fauna of the Lake. Along the banks you will see lots of animals such as hippos, Crocodiles, Buffaloes, Antelopes, Zebras, Otters and Various bird species.

Bird Watching

With over 350 bird species, Lake Mburo is one of the best birding places in Uganda such as the swampy valleys of warukiri, Miriti and the road sides between Rwonyo CAMP are the most excellent areas for birding with species such as Rufous Bellied heron and Coqui Francolin.

Nature Walks

Nature walks is what sets Lake Mburo apart from the other Game parks. With an armed Uganda Wildlife Guide at your side you will see hyenas and hippos who are returning to their dens after a night of prowl. You will also spot Zebras, Giraffes, Butterflies, Antelopes and Birds.

Salt Lick

A guided walk with an armed ranger a visit to the Salt lick, You will observe animals licking the salty soils found there. For visitors this is a great opportunity to observe antelopes, Zebras and also presents great photo opportunities.

Horseback Riding 

Interested in this kind of activity, Lake Mburo is the only park in Uganda where one can do a game Drive from the back of a horse which is also one of the best ways to view wildlife in the park. On the Horseback riding Safari the only sounds that you will hear are those of the African Wild and your horse.


Another Interesting way to explore and Discover Lake Mburo is by guided bike rides. Ride among the Antelopes, Zebras and Buffaloes in the Flat areas of the park. Another great way to get out of the Safari vehicle into Nature with many more challenging choices for avid mountain bikers because of the Lake Mburo terrain.


Lake Mburo has quite a limited number of lodging choices. The Top choices are Mihingo Safari lodge, Mburo Safari lodge, Arcadia cottages and Mantana tented camp. Budget lodging is found at Eagles Nest which are tented cottages with onsite bath, Rwakobo Rock, Sanga Conservation Education Centre and shoestring lodging can be found at Rwonyo Camp run by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Lake Mburo is an Incredible Little park and the perfect place for a short wild life Safari giving you the perfect taste of African wilderness in Uganda

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