Tororo CSOs worry as more than 2,800 school girls are pregnant

Research done by Child rights activists in Tororo district has declared up to 2,800 teenage girls pregnant.

The pregnancies are said to have increased due to the lockdown where many children are not going to school, neither are they monitored enough by their parents while at home.

The children defendants say, there are challenged on how to put a halt on the increasing number of teenage pregnancies within the area. The activists say, such pregnancies are reducing the children’s access to education and a brighter future.

They are now calling on the Tororo district leaders to institute stringent measures, ordinances and by laws to ensure that all those who impregnate under age children are punished.

Juliet Ayo a child rights activist says they have realized, the rights of the girl child have been neglected. “All law abiding citizens and leaders must be put together to understand the value of a girl child,” she says.

She lamented that many daughters miss in their houses for more than four days and some return late night and parents do not care to know where they come from. “Some of them (parents) receive gifts children come back with instead of questioning,” Ayo decried.  

She says all perpetrators should face the law as parents are also sensitized to care for their children to avoid such occurrences. She called upon civil society organizations to immediately help in reducing child pregnancies.

The Tororo district leaders within the area led by the Chairperson Apollo Jaramogi have vowed to immediately handle such cases through courts of law to ensure that there is justice. He also said they are going to sensitize the population against impregnating school going children.

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