Thieves take off with blind man’s property worth Ugx 500,000

By Moses Ssentamu

Struggling and frail, eroded with no hope, blind and poor describes Paul Oguti’s situation. He lives in a single roomed house in Nkumba Central Village, along Kasenyi road in Katabi town council.

He carries a cross, to fend for five children, a wife and self. “I used to get my food from the grocery I operated. It all was stolen by thieves who took off with all my savings.” He says.

His house was also broken into and can no longer shelter the family. Oguti, blind but literate now holds a bible, crying out for help. He needs food, shelter and clothing for the family.

He migrated from Kayunga district about 10 months ago, where he’ first lived with his family. He was fleeing the rampant land grabbing activities that took away many of the people’s lives. His land too was taken.

“So I had no option but to seek for help and relocated to Entebbe, I am happy a landlord offered me a room to rent.” He adds “I was okay with my grocery shop. I would get everything to feed my family.” He cries.

His situation only turned worse when in May this year, the little stall he had set to help cater for he’s family was invaded by unknown people broke into by thieves and took everything they he used to earn a living.

He tried as much as he can to reach out to the different stakeholders in Katabi town council, seeking for help, only to find a deaf ear. “We reached the Town Clerk and the Mayor. The promises for help have not yielded.” He says.

A well-wisher has now offered a room annex to rent. He however lacks resources to pay the house with and feed his wife and 5 children. “Life is so challenging, I can neither see. All I have is my bible now and pray to God for help.”

Entebbe Post could not verify from the town clerk and Mayor were met by Ogutu for help.

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