The Lewis Rubongoya – Roy Ssemboga cold war tearing People Power

There is a cold war between two People Power leaders, Lewis Rubongoya, the General Secretary of the National Unity Platform and the head of institutions Roy Ssemboga, threatening the survival of the movement and the National Unity Platform.

The infighting stems on a deliberate move on one side to curtail dissent, with threats that the young people would take over key leadership positions some leaders are currently having.

“It is an issue of competence and intelligence. People think that because they occupy positions, some young intelligent people shouldn’t because they would threaten their survival,” an inside source at the NUP headquarters says.

Currently, all people and staff at the headquarters are divided into two groups, some loyal to Mr. Ssemboga while others pledge allegiance to Rubongoya in a bid to win favors.

Sources also indicate that currently, the People Power Principal and President of the National Unity Platform Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine is being shielded from the young People despite their close ties.

Both Rubongoya and Ssemboga are close allies with Mr. Kyagulanyi. Ssemboga and Kyagulanyi met earlier in 2016 during the face of Makerere campaigns when Ssemboga was still guild president. Insiders say, Ssemboga and a host of other former guild presidents including Ivan Bwowe, David Bbala among others initiated Kyagulanyi into the presidency.

“It was just a coincidence that one time, three former guild presidents had met at one spot and they discussed issues relating to the ‘now generation’ and its representative in the Presidential race. It all ended with Ssemboga calling Kyagulanyi and meeting at Sky Hotel in Kampala where such idea was presented. The rest is what we now see,” A source further said.

On the other hand, Rubongoya was Kyagulanyi’s University lecturer. They both shared traits on the country’s trajectory hence ending up as the People Power Movement General Secretary.

“One time, the principal had to tell Ssemboga that well as he is intelligent, he needs to also understand that there is a team that he works with.” Both Rubongoya and Ssemboga sit on the executive board of the organization.

The rift between the two has seen Robongoya and team work hard to fail some candidates with good working relations with Ssemboga. For instance, Jonathan Tundu Tundulu, the first ever People Power guild president was denied ticket to become the Lord Councilor for Kyambogo even when he had requisite qualifications.

Also, the General Secretary of the organization assembled a team loyal to him to explicitly look out for Ssemboga’s failures in the Kawempe South election, in a bid for him to convince the principal, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine to support Ssemboga’s nemesis and UJA President Bashir Kazibwe Mbaziira.

The occurrences have however left the People Power Movement youth wing divided with many of the youths aggrieved as their leader, Roy Ssemboga is mistreated by the leadership.

“In fact, I would have no sense of support if my colleagues and the leaders who lured me to supporting the cause are mistreated. We need some things to be clear.” Ahmed Kisitu, one of the people power leaders says.

The young people constitute to an 80% of Uganda’s Population. They also constitute up to 68% of the National Unity Platform party.

Herman Kakooza, a senior politician and former Member of Parliament says, leaders in such Political institutions and entities will always find loopholes and infighting amongst one another. “However, a bigger cause for national development should always be the first point of reference when we join such parties,” he says.

Also, sources at the Party say, Ssemboga, being articulate and experienced with political occurrences and dynamics is not only a threat to the General Secretary, but also the vast majority of the Party leadership justify the fact that he commands a lot of respect amongst the young people.

Lewis Rubongoya and Roy Ssemboga during a recent function

Asked about the occurrences and infighting, Both Lewis Rubongoya and Roy Ssemboga refused to comment on the matter saying, they are concentrating on the Political occurrences within the party.

Currently, party MP contestants are in panic, each waiting for the publishing of the list of people set to hold the party flag in the forth coming elections.

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