The Elderly In Entebbe Weep For Help

By Lawrence Mushabe

The elderly chairperson in Entebbe Magret Masembe has hooted for help as the elderly continue to face hardships in getting food and medication during the Lockdown that was put in place by government as a way to combat the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.

Masembe made the call on Monday during a press briefing with other elderly persons in Entebbe crying out for help and intervention of government.

“The elderly have starved and created hatred upon their leaders for not supporting them but they have nothing to do because we have tried our best to help those who we managed but we still need to reach others, they also lack medication, we pray that the government can intervene, ” Magret requested.

Entebbe is said to have over 2000 elderly persons and only 300 persons have been rescued and given Aid through Charity organisations like Health Nest Organisation (HNO) andLions Club International.

This has given out the climax of multiple questions whether relief food is to reach out to Entebbe after a report that was released by COVID 19 Task force that the ministry remains with one week to end food distribution in Kampala.

“Elders have as well attracted diseases like high blood pressure,diabetes and cancer yet their bodies are too weak, regardless of that, they have nothing to feed on,” the counsellor to the elders Benerd Senyondo highlighted

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