The Betrayal; How Nambooze Plays Lukwago, Besigye and Bobi Wine

Last month, as FDC unveiled Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago a member, FDC President Patrick Oboi Amuriat and former President Kizza Besigye waited for other defections including DP’s Vice President in charge of Buganda region Betty Nambooze, MPs Allan Ssewanyana and Moses Kasibante.

The trio, Nambooze, Kasibante and Ssewanyana did not reach Najjanankumbi, the FDC Party headquarters, only for Nambooze to call People Power Movement Principal Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, inviting him to her home in Mukono for a highly classified meeting.

Dr Besigye had earlier rallied the opposition icons together with a host of other allies to revalidate his hopes to run a successful campaign as the opposition doyen. Besigye had lost clout due to the emergence of Bobi Wine on the scene.

Sources close to both Nambooze and Bobi Wine intimated that Nambooze told Bobi Wine that she was to reveal a deadly ploy by the opposition Forum for Democratic Change on the person of Robert Kyagulanyi. “She told the guy (Bobi Wine) that the ploy was a matter of life and death.” The source revealed.

A highly inquisitive Bobi Wine together with his driver immediately drove to Nambooze’s place in Mukono, only to find Nambooze introducing all Mukono municipal councillors loyal to her, before Bobi Wine would bid farewell.

Kyagulanyi later called the Mukono municipal mayor George Fred Kagimu about the occurrences. Nambooze would later offer office space to the National Unity Platform Party for the Mukono outpost in disregard of her loyalty to the Democratic Party, FDC and allies in the Truth and Justice pressure group.

This however is not the first time Nambooze is playing hide and seek, betraying comrades in the opposition struggle in a common cause.

In 2015 while under the truth and justice platform, opposition Democratic Party Politicians led by Erias Lukwago, Betty Nambooze, Bayiga Lulume and Mathias Mpuuga agreed shun the Party’s delegates conference organized at Katoomi Kingdom resort.

The politicians had disagreements with the current DP leadership led by Norbert Mao and Fred Dennis Mukasa Mbidde. However, as Lukwago and team organized a parallel delegates conference in Luwero, Central Uganda, Nambooze instead featured at Katoomi Kingdom resort in the Mao organized delegates’ conference, betraying Lukwago and other members of the Truth and Justice Platform.

Nambooze was then elected unopposed as the vice president of the Democratic Party in charge of Buganda region. The angered Truth and Justice Platform members decided to only relate with Nambooze after the MP had offered an explanation.

Later, Nambooze publicly declared how she would support Amama Mbabazi for the 2016 general elections, declaring Besigye a Moses who failed to take Ugandans to the “promised land”.

“She called a media conference and declared publicly. We were surprised as journalists for a woman who declared support for Amama Mbabazi for presidency instead decided to hide when Amama reached Mukono. We later saw her fighting hard to join Besigye’s campaign trail, a man she had declared a failure.” Said one of the journalists who covered Nambooze’s briefings in the 2016 polls.

“For we have known her for not sticking to her word. She comes here today, says something and which is a total reverse of what she had earlier said. We cannot trust her again with the Democratic Party card again.” Says Richard Lugoloobi, a Mukono Municipality DP leader.

In Mukono municipality, the name Nambooze is marred by controversy and dishonesty amongst DP leaders. She is said to have supported Mayor George Fred Kagimu for the Municipality seat, only to fall out after taking oath of offices.

Nambooze, according to sources, on several occasions pleaded with Mayor Kagimu to offer civil engineering contracts her family which was never awarded hence the fall out. Kagimu now wants to contest for the Mukono municipality MP seat currently occupied by Nambooze.

On her side, Nambooze says she only sticks to principles that found institutions she greatly believes in.

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