The 10 factors making Bobi Wine’s Presidency

Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine is the leading opposition candidate in the 2021 Ugandan Presidential race. His tenacity to challenge the 35 year old ruler in Uganda has left the world amazed. His ability to rally people believe in his agenda has made him a darling for the opposition. Here are the 10 factors making his candidacy.

1 – Revolutionary music: Kyagulanyi has since the beginning of his musical career been singing about how one must have a life story change. How status quo must change and how to improve lives of people especially the less privileged he represents, as one of them.

Most musicians save for a few who look for resources in the ruling party have endorsed not only his music but also his ability to challenge the status quo so as to have peaceful transition of power. Notable among them is Veteran Juliana Kanyomozi, Grace Nakimera, Gravity Omutujju,a among others

2 – Trust in a new breed of young politicians: A host of new people changing the dynamics in the Politics of this country has ensured. Before, the old and experienced would take lead in driving this country forward. However today, a young breed of Politicians has come up, inspirational and committed to change the country. Some among them

3 – Being youthful that represents a disenfranchised generation: Being 38 years, Kyagulanyi rallies quite well between the young and old, having been there when the current President, Yoweri Museveni took over power.

He understands the views of the young people and can easily listen to the elder’s brother, sisters and the parents.

4 – Ability to interest Ugandans in diaspora to directly get involved and creation of diaspora chapters; Kyagulanyi’s Charisma to influence the Diaspora to engage in a struggle such as one that takes the incumbent out of power makes him a darling to the people World over.

5 – Luck, International media picked interest and have hype him in the media; Bobi Wine has only been in the Presidential race once but the international media is focusing on the Musician’s ability to create change and have the current President pass the baton to him.

His calculations, charisma and techniques of handling international media has greatly helped him expose the current regime dangerous orchestrations and plans to rule Uganda forever.

6 – Established partnerships with African activists like Fella Kuti, Babu Owino of Kenya, Julius Malema & EFF, and the other South African musicians; This has helped the quest for change gain further momentum and increase support with Alliances in countries such as Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, among others.

Recently, a US based Ugandan Hillary Innocent Taylor asked Ghanaian President Nana Akufo Ado to be exchanged, rule Uganda as Yoweri Museveni moves to Ghana to test the ability of peaceful power transition.

7 – Ability to interest University students to take charge; When you look at the People Power Movement and the National Unity Platform. It is full of former and current University students especially the leaders. They are activists with great impact on former and current University students who form the core of debate on peaceful transition in their localities across the country.

8 – Backlash on media interview on policy generated him a team of volunteers on policy/manifesto; After a backlash on how he would address the Fiscal Policy in the country on NTV, Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi started engaging a team of professional people who helped him further understand how to drive Policy in this country. Kyagulanyi can now distinguish in how he would speak to the low income and high end people on how he would change policies in this country.

9 – Ability to maximize social media and info graphics helps him speak to young people on global scale; the last Presidential candidate to influence the social media was Dr Kizza Besigye in 2016. In fact, Andrew Mwenda, while on the Friday Panel of Journalists on KFM five years ago said, Besigye had a team of social media pundits who put him ahead of Mr Museveni, who has ruled Uganda for 35 years.

Kyagulanyi has clearly adopted such trait and he dominates social media. President Yoweri Museveni recently adopted a social media team which failed to contain the People Power Movement team that believes Uganda should have peaceful change from one candidate to another.

10 – Anchoring the movement initially on non-partisan to help him tap in quality human resources from different political parties especially the Uganda Young Democrats;

A number of people including the NRM’s Benjamin Katana and Lewis Rubongoya enjoy a special seat on the National Unity Platform executive board. Deputy President Zedriga among others makes the platform have a National Outlook with all people believing in the revolution.

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