Tensions Flare in Rwanda as Power Crisis Continues.

Report from Rwanda indicate that there is a rising power struggle within the East African Nation.

The tensions are reportedly a result of the current state of the country’s President Paul Kagame.

Well as most reports indicate that Kagame is in Intensive Care in UK after brain surgery, close sources with in the land locked Nation indicate that the President Kagame might be no more.

A source within the Rwandan army told Entebbe Post that all signs indicate that the nation is in a state of emergency.

“Unfortunately, even Ugandan counterpart can’t help because of the impasse both Presidents have had,” the source indicated.

Kagame ascended to the helm of Rwanda in 1994 after genocide that claimed most Rwandese lives including former President Juvenile Habyarimana and Maj Gen Fred Gisa Rwigyema.

More details to follow.


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