Tensions escalate in Entebbe as social – political critics get arrested

Tensions within the Entebbe peninsular have escalated following the arrest and interrogations of several of political and social critics.

On Wednesday last week, Wanjoki Wandera, a Democrat in Entebbe, also a political critic within the area was arrested on cyber harassment grounds.

Sources say, the Democrat was picked from Entebbe Central Police Station and is now held incommunicado at the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence.

Well as reasons for the arrest remains unclear, Wanjoki is said to have written a Facebook post that immediate drew concerns of senior army officers within the area.

Entebbe holds commanders of the UPDF units including the Special Forces, Air forces, Marine and the Aviation Security.

Such are part of the seven Garrison commands and State House, the units that are within the peninsular leaves other residents in fear. The forces have also been used in several recall missions and such at times in political situations.

The officers have severally been used in political situations guising as those keeping law and order. In the aftermath of the January 25th Mayoral election in Entebbe, one person was killed and several others left injured after the operatives shot protestors seeking the nullification of the declared winner of the election.

Mr Fabrice Rulinda was declared winner in the much contested election. Incumbent Mayor Vincent Kayanja DePaul is contesting the declaration of Rulinda as Entebbe’s Mayor elect.

Other Interrogations

Just after the end of the Mayoral contest, the Police Cyber crimes division in Kibuli sanctioned Mike Kabwama Nyamayaalwo, the NRM contestant in the election and one of his supporters Gracious Ahimbisibwe Mugabi to answer cyber related crimes.

They are said to have allegedly character assassinated Mr Fabrice Rulinda, the declared Mayor elect and Col. MacDans Kamugira and SFC operative who also doubles as the Personal Assistant to the First Son Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

Kabwama, during campaigns told the Media that Col Kamugira was tampering with his votes, in favor of Mr Rulinda.


Currently, there are tensions within the municipality after some intelligence sources revealed that there is a list of people yet to be arrested for cyber harassment. It remains however unclear on who is on the list.

Now, several of the dwellers within Entebbe Municipal council say, they can no longer speak freely for fear of being arrested by the security forces within the area. The Political and social critics are said to have been pushing for a court case to determine who was the rightful winner of the January 25th Mayoral election.

“We shall not air out our views to the public for now because we may be arrested just like Wanjoki was taken,” A source within the Municipality said.

The tensions come days after Mr Fabrice Rulinda Lawyers wrote intent to sue the incumbent Mayor Vincent DePaul Kayanja accusing the later of defamation. Rulinda also wants Kayanja to pay him up to Ugx 250 million for the case.

Kayanja is said to have told the media in Entebbe that Mr Rulinda had approached him with a Ugx 600 million offer to drop the election petition and, leave the Mayor elect serve for a five year term. Rulinda rubbished the claims as untrue.

Currently, several legal brains led by Alex Gitta have started processes to ensure the immediate release of Wanjoki from incarceration.


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