Surveillance is still a longshot on the Kampala Entebbe Express Highway

The Kampala Entebbe Express Highway is a 51km road connecting to the Northern Bypass at Busega in the Ugandan capital city of Kampala to one of the country’s busiest City Entebbe and Entebbe International Airport.

A road of it’s nature and build comes with great expectations in a developing economy like Uganda’s, but there is a gloomy side to it. It’s hard to maintain security surveillance on this lengthy route.

With the highway patrols stationed at Toll stations and plazas which are at the entrances or exits of the roads and only a few routine patrollings, perhaps making it complex to ensure that crime is off the road.

The longest stretch of the road curves through Nambigirwa wetland one of the biggest wetlands there is with a 1450m Bridge, without surveillance cameras.

This section of the road has been a dump for assailants and a place to seal illegal deals, with two bodies retrieved in the swampy waters and vegetation below the Bridge.

This poses questions on where and how these 2 bodies reached the expressway, since the road is off-limits to pedestrians and motorbikes. As far it seems they might have been killed and dumped at this particular spot.

Security at a crime scene on the Highway

Around Last here close to the bridge, a Rwandan International and one Ugandan were murdered in cold blood, and the perpetrators were never brought to book.

No footage, no marks left and with no leads the perpetrator(s)) we’re able to pull off this fine kill and go unnoticed.

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