Supreme Mufti Kasule Ndirangwa resigns, hints on conflicts in leadership

Supreme Mufti Sheik Suleiman Kasule Ndirangwa has resigned as Supreme Mufti in the Islamic faith.

Ndirangwa replaced Sheik Zubair Kayongo who died at Aga Khan Hospital in Tanzania five years ago.

Ndirangwa, in his remarks to the media on Thursday night said he does not want to be the hindrance to the operations of the Islamic faith.

Ndirangwa thanked Muslims for entrusting him with the duties of the supreme mufti.

The Supreme Mufti was a break away faction of Muslims who disagreed with His Eminence Sheik Shaban Ramathan Mubajje. The group accused Mubajje of selling Muslim properties.

They instituted an administrative seat at Kibuli.

Ndirangwa, prior to becoming supreme Mufti served as the District Khadi for Kampala Muslim District.

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