Students bound to face challenges adjusting to new COVID-19 rules

By Sharon Lakaraber

Life has completely changed for the candidates after reporting back to school nearly after 8 months of staying at home since school was closed in the middle of the term.

Students return amidst new guidelines, including temperature scanning, physical distancing, mandatory mask wearing, handwshing that they ought to adhere to.

During the lockdown,some students stayed home helping out their parents and others had private studies with their teachers. A student who did not have a chance to revise their course is prone to meet challenges trying to tune back to the school ‘mood’.

A student whose name has been withheld told Entebbe Post that it’s very hard for her to read books for long like the way they used to since they over stayed at home.

Teachers need to give them extra time to review the topics taught before the closure of schools to refresh their minds.She further said they are nolonger allowed to hug their friends and classmates nor get closer to them to creat social distancing as a measure to combat the spread of covid19.

Zinkola Margret the Head Mistress of Entebbe senior secondary School says the school is ready to  support the candidates with both academic and emotional support not leaving out the students with extra support through guidence and councilling. Students will be provided with Balanced diet to boost the student’s brain.

Photos by Wahiidah Nambowa

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