Stuart Lubwama : Headteacher, Famous Rolex chef and Aspirant for Legislative office

A man of many talents, young, vibrant, a tested leader and committed to excel at all his endeavors indeed. A school headteacher at only 27 years of age, former fisherman, now a chappati baker and an aspiring Member of Parliament for Entebbe Municipality.

Indeed Lubwama is not your ordinary rolex guy. He went viral after several news outlets aired/published stories about the Entebbe teachers who had resorted to other business due to the mandatory lockdown that saw schools closed on the 18th of March 2020.

Lubwama had taken the outcry differently to many that were lamenting and he ventured into the chappati baking business and organised many other teachers and rallied them to start making money elsewhere under the newly formed Initiative for Teachers Advocacy.

Mr. Lubwama at his chappati and rolex point

Under the Initiative for Teachers Advocacy he has been able to lobby relief and start up capital for the teachers through the Corona virus lockdown.

“My focus is on the youth who make up 85% of the Entebbe municipality population, that hardly earn a living from the available jobs, I feel we can attract opportunities if we set policies that support tourism and small businesses.” Lubwama says

He informed Entebbe Post that it is time for the youth to actively make correct decisions for the time is now to affect policy making to suit what they need and want for themselves and no one has the power to deny them.

The Headteacher hopes he will make it to parliament for his clear understanding of the Entebbe locals, their aspirations and how they live, he’s leadership has been tested on several fronts since his old school days.

He was a GRC and Cultural and Mobilization minister under the Makerere University’s 82nd Guild, serving under the Kawempe South MP hopeful Roy Ssemboga, and here he was able to develop as a leader and set in motion the idea to represent the municipality in the legislature.

He owes his political successes to the Uganda Youth Democrats- UYD and the Democratic Party that have shaped the way he sees service and leadership and the way the world ought to be, but however he’s positive about the revolution that comes with the People Power Movement.

Stuart Lubwama will contest as an independent Candidate but leaning unto the People Power Movement due to the ideas the movement represents. On the same ballot will be incumbent Rosemary Tumusiime, Madinah Zalwango, Abubaker Walusimbi, Micheal Kakembo, Alex Gitta, Patience Mubangizi and a host of other candidates.


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