Status of a Single Mother, raising Hydrocephalus child During COVID-19 pandemic.

By Sulah Kagugube

Today we bring You Nakalema Maimuna narrating the status She goes through while raising her son  suffering from Hydrocephalus disease during this period when the country is on total lockdown due to Covid19 pandemic.

Hydrocephalus and Spinal-Bifida diseases gradually increasing these days among children more so under the age five years.

When mothers do not attend to early antinental care as well as taking drugs after getting pregnant, kids are likely to be affected by the disease.

Hydrocephalus and Spinal-Bifida caused as a result of blockedge of spinal vine that transporting water to the head.

 Nakalema Maimuna mother to Isaac Magero(4),whom we  met  at (Hydrocephalus and Spinal-Bifida Initiative) association home found in Katabi Town Council Wakiso District.

Nakalema has four kids unfortunately,two of them have Hydrocephalus disease and the first born passed on due to lack of enough care and mother affected as well during delivery almost to death.

Nakalema Maimuna and her Son Isaac

 Even though she gave birth to Hydrocephalus child, Nakalema never lost hope after getting cauncelling from experts,she conceived, still the child had Hydrocephalus disease.

When she gave birth to Isaac Magero ,his father Isaac Wadinda disappeared and abandoned his responsibility as a father.

According to Nakalema, Wadinda the father said, he can nolonger stay with her and considered it as a curse to give birth to such children more than one time.

I was eager to know how she cater for Isaac in terms of eats during this Covid19 pandemic, Nakalema said needs to eat well balanced food to survive that she find it hard since she earnless.

Nakalema appealed to government not to forget take of them just like it does to other people.

“When it comes to education,such children are not cartered for, discriminated and isolated yet can also grow up and become important people in the country”. Nakalema said.

Nakalema adds is so disappointed by fellow women who also Lough at her whenever they see her caring for ahydrocephalus child that bits her understanding because there also mothers, should not Lough.

Patience Mbabazi, the proppriator of Hydrocephalus and Spinal-Bifida Initiative a private association said, met Isaac with the mother at acertain hospital.

Initially, Isaac was put on ARVs Medication hoping that was HIV positive.When patience realized that,she rashed Isaac to Cure Hospital in Mbale for Proper treatment.

According to Mbabazi,they have so far lost 2 children in this period when the country is under total lockdown due to limited access to hospital for medication in case of an attack.

She also asked the government to put some emergence car on each town council to serve the lives of children with Hydrocephalus.

More than 180 Hydrocephalus children are cartered in this organization currently but the main challenge is the access to hospital and there is only one hospital in Uganda,that is Cure Hospital in Mbale

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