Starved Bugonga Residents Cry out for Help

By Priscilla Atwiine

Several residents at Bugonga landing site who were washed away by increasing water levels have decried limited Government intervention despite the erosion of their temporary residential structures.

The residents, have since March this year struggled after all their wooden structures that acted as homesteads with food shelter and clothing.

Other spoilt property includes a mosque, shops and merchandise worth UGX 180 million. Boats, marine out board engines and fishing nets were spoilt.

Currently neither fishermen nor retailers can work, neither do they have resources to engage in business.

Well as the Municipal Mayor Vincent Kayanja and Town Clerk Charles Magumba visited the landing site after the inefficiencies, the Municipal Council has neither provided utilities or rapid response items for the survival of all the people affected.

“The leaders came, addressed us and left. What we need is much more than an address. We need resources!” Resty Nankya one of the affected residents says.

Well as the residents had encroached in a buffer zone supposed to be protected by the local population and the Environmentalists, the landing site remains gazetted.

The residents called upon all leaders and well-wishers to help equip residents with enough food, shelter and clothing.

It is upon such background that the area Member of Parliament Rose Tumusiime donated 5000 kilograms of maize flour for the residents to feed as more resources are being mobilized.

“We share the pain our people are going through. Well as we believe it is a problem of the rising water levels, it is incumbent upon us to solicit for help for all our people. They deserve to live in a peaceful and healthy place, free of such Challenges.” Tumusiime says.

She now calls upon all leaders to mobilize help to ensure that all the residents within the area can be served with humanitarian aid for them to be safe.

“It is my humble prayer, for we should understand the challenges the people go through.” Tumusiime adds

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